Creative Retreat

Recently I created an Art Immersion experience for myself. Immersion in a creative practice facilitates personal growth and artistic exploration, allows for the flow of ideas in unplanned directions, and provides time for making a body of work. My goal was to create plenty of time to paint without limitations on subject matter, style, orContinue reading “Creative Retreat”

Finding Time for a Creative Practice

I teach Creative Expression sessions at a destination health and wellness resort in Tucson. These are individual sessions, focused on the unique needs of each guest. We discuss their creative life, and hopes and goals for the same. We consider their personal life demands, creative interests, and past creative activities as we explore options forContinue reading “Finding Time for a Creative Practice”

The Value of Creative Synergy: Lea and Jim McComas

Synergy: the interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects. (Oxford Languages, online dictionary) I first interviewed this married couple in 2016. It is the only time I have interviewed two people at the same time, and IContinue reading “The Value of Creative Synergy: Lea and Jim McComas”

Repost: Drawing and a Creative Practice

I recently realized several of my earliest posts have disappeared. This article originally posted in late September 2020. It discusses some of my favorite creative practices: Drawing, and Blind Contour Drawing. It was written well into the pandemic, with no vaccines offering glimmers of hope, but the quick, fun exercises apply anytime you want toContinue reading “Repost: Drawing and a Creative Practice”

Creativity Interview: James E. Scherbarth, artist

Jim Scherbarth is a visual artist living and working in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We first met in 2018. He works in a variety of media including oil and cold wax paintings, mixed media on paper, and weaving.  HW:  What was your background and education with regard to your art and creativity in general? JS:  Early in life myContinue reading “Creativity Interview: James E. Scherbarth, artist”

Creativity Interview: Janice Mason Steeves, artist

Janice Mason Steeves is a visual artist who lives on 15 acres west of Toronto, Ontario in Canada. The luminous, serene nature of her paintings caught my eye. Her inspiration from nature, and wild places caught my interest. She works in oil and cold wax.  HW: Can you briefly discuss your childhood/formative years as theyContinue reading “Creativity Interview: Janice Mason Steeves, artist”

Creativity Interview: Carl Philabaum, Software Designer

“Knowledge is that fascinating resource: you can give it away and you still have it!” Carl lives in Tucson, Arizona. We met in his home office. Carl’s professional focus was the interface of creativity and machines, designing some of the early software that changed how humans interact with computers. HW: You describe yourself as aContinue reading “Creativity Interview: Carl Philabaum, Software Designer”

Creativity Interview: Victoria Eubanks, Artist

Victoria lives in Denver, Colorado and is a professional visual artist focusing on Encaustic (painting with hot wax) as her primary medium. She is also a popular teacher of encaustic techniques. What follows are some highlights from the Creativity Interview I had with Victoria.  HW: You are an artist and instructor: can you discuss your training,Continue reading “Creativity Interview: Victoria Eubanks, Artist”